The following must be adhered to; failure to do so will lead to disqualification of the contestant you are chaperoning.


  1. Each contestant under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian chaperone.
  2. Chaperone’s are totally responsible of the care and welfare of the contestant, Children must not be allowed to run around or go backstage only when it is there turn to go on to the catwalk.
  3. Chaperone’s must not smoke, drink alcohol, or partake in any illegal substances during this pageant.
  4. Chaperone’s must take care of all clothing and personal items belonging to themselves and contestant, the organisers are not responsible for any loss or damage.
  5. Chaperone must not leave the contestant at any time, nor the building.
  6. Chaperone must not leave contestant with any of the pageant representatives/staff.
  7. Phones must be switched off during rehearsals unless in an emergency, (phones can be used in the breaks).
  8. No eating/drinking back stage, only during breaks, all drinks must be in air tight sports cap bottles to avoid spillage.
  9. Contestants must avoid conversation and contact with judges, DJ, compere.
  10. No photography or videoing at any time. We have commissioned a photographer, and it is being filmed for the BBC, anyone caught videoing will be asked to leave and their child will be disqualified from the competition.
  11. Complaints cannot be dealt with on the night, please forward in writing.
  12. Contestants who fail to turn up for whatever reason, and do not take part in the pageant, will not be entitled to refunds, as the pageant is being financed by a sponsorship.
  13. Chaperone is the only person allowed back stage, at any time.
  14. Any media publicity must be cleared by
  15. All photo’s relating to the pageant must come from
  16. Please use crown, sash and medal at all times when interviewed.
  17. Pam insists that all contestants under 17 that has entered mini miss or any other pageant organised by her, shall wear age appropriate clothing and no flesh must be shown (age appropriate clothing) please contact Pam if you are unsure No make up, only lip gloss. No colour change/dye of hair without discussing with Pam.
  18. Do not accept any other work from other agents without permission from Pam.
  19. If you are already with an agent this is not a problem, please give Pam all details and all work carried out (c.v)
  20. All title holders, and possibly some contestants, must be available for charity work and any other work organised by the agency
  21. Please confirm your entry i.e. the winning prize  of free entry in to national (or Teen or Yummy Mummy) International Competition ASAP
  22. Please do not give out personal information to others claiming to be from the media or possible agents. Contact with their details to be checked out.
  23. All winning title holders will not be permitted to take part in any other beauty contests/pageants for one year and one day; doing so will mean forfeiting your current title.