Regional Heats

Pams Pageants’ has been operating since 2008 with documentaries names “ Baby Beauty Queens “ shown on BBC TV in 2009 and 2010 which was shown worldwide, featuring My Mini Miss Uk and Little Man UK pageants along with Yummy Mummy.

Please be aware that anyone using the names titles within this footnote, similar or same will be subject to legal action. As this would be seen as piggybacking from an already established business.

All pageant sashes with named titles are still in full use, therefore, cannot be used by another pageant company as this will confuse contestants.

Anyone using the titles held within “Pams Pageants“ will be seen as a franchise, therefore, you will receive an invoice for usage.

If you are a former contestant or have experience running fashion shows or work in PR, marketing or entertainments or promotions and advertising we would be interested in hearing from you. You would buy the area licence which would allow you to organise the heat in your area. Once the licence has been granted for your area, no other person or organisation will be permitted to run a heat for the said year.

To apply for a licence to run an area contest, please write in giving details of yourself or organisation by email or by post. All applications will be considered. Please email us:

National Association of Beauty Pageants and Models (nabpm)

Members who join will receive the following:


Guide to goods pageants

Guide to bad pageants

Discounts to many hair fashion and beauty outlets

Free listing of your pageant

Opportunity to vote for the best UK pageant

Reduced tickets’ for the awards night annual charity pageant ball